Side view of indent assembly attached to the Taig Headstock. Note the vertical plunger or indent which engages a tooth on the gear held on the faceplate jig.
The gear acts as an indexing tool. This gear has 50 teeth so it is ideal for engraving dials that will have 50 divisions.
Top view of the indexing unit
Here one can see the tool I use to engrave dials. It is held sideways on a special tool post. The slot is lower than the normal tool holders so the point of the bit is at the lathe centerline.
The Taig "Depth stop" rod is used to regulate the length of the engraved lines. I normally cut the single thou lines shorter than every 5th line and even longer for every 10th line.
Here  is the basic set up with a small aluminum DIAL blank attached behind the gear. The two items are held tighly by the small knob. The photo on the right shows the indent engaging one of the gear teeth. After each cut the indent is raised and the rotated so the next tooth is brought into position. Once the indent has been lowered and engaged with the next tooth, the next line can then be cut. This procedure in repeated until the complete circumference of the dial has been engraved.
At this time, the tool has been positioned against the workpiece and it's ready to begin to cut the engravings..
Here are closeup views odf the indexing plate and indent assembly that I designed for the Taig Microlathe. The Plate has three rows of hole, 50-60-90 holes. The indent block has three bushed holes that line up with the each of the three rows. You insert the indent into one of the holes and that efectively locks the spindle while you perfom any machining operations to the workpiece with either a vertically mounted tool of asmple as a side mounted tool as shown above.
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