Grinding Lathe Tool bits and Other Things
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Here we cover all basic grinding techniques in order to produce a professional lathe tool bit. We will learn about the basic 6” grinder and what to look for. We will make a basic left cutting bit as well as a many others to included the 60 degree threading bit, grind a radius tip, and lots of other tools. By avoiding the mistakes often encountered by reading about it, view the author and follow the steps bysteps processes to create perfect faceted tool bits.

Running time 1 hour                                    DVD $31 

The Milling Machine and Its Uses 
This video was produced in 1999 as a result of the most ambitious project undertaken by the author. It features his shop-made model maker's variable speed milling machine. The video is a complete basic milling operations course but rather than boring the viewer with dozens of unrelated procedures, you get to see the author produce a dovetailed tool block for his quick change tool system he designed for the 7 x 10 variable speed mini-lathe.

Running time: Four hours                                DVD: $44 

Making Gears the Easy Way 
Have you forgone the pleasure of building a small, geared engine simply because the thought of having to cut your own gears brings a shiver down your metalworking spine? Even if you can muster up the nerve, you realize that so called involute gear cutters cost an arm and a leg. You next need a set of eight cutters to enable you to cut the entire range of teeth for 12 to infinite rack. The cost in cutters alone can reach well over $200 before you even begin thinking about arbors to hold them. It’s no wonder many of us will simply go to the nearest gear vendor and put down $50 -$60 for a pair of small brass spur gears. 
 In this video you will learn the secrets of the HOB. You will not only learn how to use a hob, but you will also learn how to build one from scratch right on your small- to medium-size lathe and small milling machine. For a cost of about $3 in raw materials, you can make a hob that will not only enable you to easily make any number/tooth spur gear as well as a worm and worm gear.  You will be amazed at how simple gear making can be! You can make any diemetral pitch hob by simply following the diemetral pitch chart that comes with the video. The video shows a 1/10” pitch spiral and straight hob being made and then used to make gears of various diameters. You will not need to compute anything. If you rather use a calculator to figure out diameters, easy formulas for that are also included. Once you have used a hob to cut a gear you will wonder why you would use anything else!!!  

Running time: Four hours                                DVD  $44

Cabin Fever Model Engineering Expo 1999-2000-2001 
Could you just kick yourself for having missed these great events! No need to worry any further. Three years worth of this shop along with the sights and sounds, and almost the smells have been captured on video to enjoy and your leisure.  Examine and enjoy these spectacular marvels of model engineering up close and "in your face", inevery glorious detail. Marvel at the intricate linkages and movements of these amazing creations. These shows are not only for models. There are also numerous tool and machinery dealers there, as well as a large "live steam” train layouts and you can enjoy it all when you view this video.  

Running Time: about two hours                        DVD: $21 

Make a Micrometer Boring Head for Your Taig Lathe or Micromill 
Watch the author as he builds a fully operational and capable boring head. In this almost two-hour video you will learn in full detail how to make a boring head with micrometer adjustment feature with very little material and equipment. In fact, although the author uses his homemade milling machine to build it, it could be easily built using the Taig lathe plus milling attachment. You will see the dovetailed components being built from layout to finish. The unit takes 1/4" shank shop made or commercial boring bars. The idea here was to make a miniature version of a commercially available full size boring head complete will all the normal features found on them, but only about half the overall size. Small machines such as the Taig Micromill and Sherline milling machines will vibrate when a full-size boring head is installed with the head laterally offset even a small amount. This unit is small, compact, but extremely strong and stiff. This will be evident at the end of the video during the actual cutting test, boring out of an existing bore on an aluminum work piece. The head itself is adjustable in thousands of an inch with its graduated screw and its male dovetail is kept snug or fully locked during cutting by three gib screws. This unit has a real brass gib rather than the usual practice of slitting the female dovetail to create a pseudo gib. All in all, for the cost of a pack of cigarettes you make build a great addition to your tool shelf that will perform for you for a lifetime!  

Running time: Approx. 2 hours                        DVD: $26 

What! You Don’t Have a Milling Machine? 
In this nearly 12-hour long three-part video marathon, you will witness the seemingly impossible!! Observe the author as he builds a fully operating and capable 80-pound variable speed Milling machine with existing Taig micro lathe components and readily available stock aluminum material. A commercial heavy duty X & Y milling table is utilized to complete the project. This is definitively not a "toy" but a complete milling center that will out perform just about anything in its class. For a total expenditure of less than $300, you too could have a tool that will perform better than milling machines that cost more than twice as much. This video will take you through every step from its initial conception and planning to beyond its very successful conclusion in painstaking detail so that you will be able to easily duplicate this achievement! As an extra bonus, you will be treated to a full narrative and visual step-by-step presentation on the building of a 60:1 geared dividing head that with the addition of a simple shop made indexing accessory will allow it to divide anything into as many as 21,600 equal divisions and for that matter, any other number divisible into that. You will also learn how to easily cut perfectly fitting dovetailed sliding joints with the simplest of equipment. These two items alone would be worth the price of this video set. See how to produce a professional quality engraved dial with nothing more than a small lathe (Taig). You will see each component being worked, fitted and assembled as the unit is magically transformed more and more into a "real" milling machine. The final two hours or so will be devoted to a full battery of milling operations performed on real components that make up part of the geared dividing head including other milling goodies. During the filming of the final milling tests, cuts were routinely taken on 6061-t6 alloy to depths of over 90 thou with a common imported 1/4" diameter four flute end mill. We do not recommend that you routinely cut to those depths but it sure is nice to be able to so when needed. This is a definite "must" for anyone who has grown tired of using alternative milling methods but either is not ready to invest the big bucks for a commercially available bench top milling machine or simply not satisfied with what’s presently available out there.  
Milling machine’s specifications and features 
Table dimensions 5-1/2" x 12" with two "t" slots;  
"T" slot is 1" wide and stud size is 5/8"; 
X axis travel is 9"; 
Y axis travel is 5"; 
Z axis travel is 8" from highest position to the surface of the milling table; 
Lead screw to spindle center distance 5"; 
Adjustable x and y table stops; 
No more than .005" backlash on all three axes; 
Head stock locks to prevent possibility of downward drift during heavy cuts; 
Re zero type dials on the x and y movements; 
Heavy duty Taig spindle and dovetailed head stock with provision for collets either proprietary or ww; 
½" drilling capacity; 
End mill capacity with Taig blank arbor holder is ½"; 
Fly cutter capacity is 2-1/2" diameter; 
All slides graduated to .001"; 
Variable speed permanent magnet dc motor with controller, 500 to 1500 rpm; 
Six step machined pulley system giving step less, overlapping, no load speed ranges of145 to 4900 rpm; and 
Full array of milling accessories available. Spindle accessories mount directly to the threaded 3/4-16 spindle or insert into the tapered spindle bore and are locked with a draw bar.  

Running time: 12 hours                             DVD: $73 Three 4 hour DVDs  

Milling without a Milling Machine 
Are you tired of avoiding machine projects simply because you do not own or have access to a milling machine? Learn some of the secrets to successful milling techniques utilizing your existing lathe as well as a drill press. I know what you must be thinking — this guy must be crazy!!! Milling on a drill press???? I, as well as none other than Rudy Kouhoupt, have been doing just that very thing for years now with entirely good results in finish as well as dimensional accuracy. You will also witness the Taig Micro Lathe  being put trough its paces milling a work piece held on the cross slide as well as with the vertical milling accessory. See the Taig with the externally mounted modified micro drill press to convert it into a miniature 3 in 1 machining center. See the 7 x 10 Minilathe in conjunction with the Taig vertical milling accessory performing milling cuts with hardly an effort. We finish the presentation with the 8" modified drill press performing milling on a rough block of stock held on a great little shop made milling vice. This is the only drill press with a micrometer operated locking spindle. See it being used and you too will marvel at its simplicity. After viewing this tape, you should be well on your way to the pleasures of milling without having to own a milling machine.  

Running time: Approximately two hours                                          DVD: $34 

Threading on the Lathe 
Finally the mystery of thread cutting has been made simple enough for the first time user! In this two-hour videotape you will see and learn the easy way to cut with taps, dies, as well as perform external and internal single point threading operations. Learn the secrets of that "dreaded" threading dial as well as how to avoid using the dial altogether if you choose to do so.  The perfect companion to have along when you are ready to produce extremely true running threads for all your projects! 

Running time: two hours                                                                DVD: $34

Advanced Micro Machining on the Taig Micro-Lathe  
See the Taig Micro-Lathe perform some of the most unorthodox machining techniques most thought were impossible. Learn how to make 60-50-40 hole indexing plates and how to use it of the Taig. Get that tail stock set to within a few tenth in a couple of minutes with a simple shop made test bar and TDI. See a heavy-duty motorized cross slide drill rig that will perform any radial drilling as well as milling job. See a 50 division graduated dial being engraved with the use of a simple device. Turn the Taig into a miniature 3 in 1 machining center. Would you like a graduated carriage lead screw for your Taig? After viewing this video tape set, you will be able to make one in one evening. Learn to make and use several flex shaft milling and grinding units for both the cross slide and the vertical milling attached. How about auto feed for the carriage and cross slide! These are just some of the fun subjects that will be covered in this new and unique production 
Advanced Taig Micro-Lathe Micro machining Techniques 

Running Time: Approximately four hours                                         DVD: $44 

Micro-Machining with the Taig Micro Lathe 
Would you like to be able to see for yourself what can be done on a Taig micro-lathe, with just minimal tooling and expense? Are you somewhat undecided about acquiring one of these small but very capable tools and somehow wished you could just see one being put through its paces before opening your wallet? Well, wait no more! Finally there is a video that will answer most of your basic questions about this lathe. Initial setup hints will be discussed, during a thorough tour of the lathe and its basic components. This will be followed with a complete hands-on demonstration of all the basic machining operations possible on this tool. These will include:  
cut off or parting cuts; 
center drilling; 
thread cutting with a die; 
boring cuts; 
milling and much more!  

Basic Taig Micro-Lathe Techniques 
Running Time: Approximately two  hours 
                                                                                                   DVD: $34 

Machining operations on the 7 x 10 variable speed Asian-Made Mini-Lathe 
This has been a hot topic in recent months on the internet, various metalworking newsgroups and mailing lists. Now all of your questions, doubts and anything else you may have been wondering about this tool will be answered in a four-hour, no holds barred video presentation. The video will begin with a full tour of the tool, followed by a complete machining presentation that should put to rest any fears or reservations you may have had about this tool once and for all!!! Not only will you be shown just about every basic machining cut a lathe is able to do, you will also see a complete "milling on the lathe” demonstration adapting the Taig vertical milling slide to the mini-lathe's cross slide. This is an extremely informative presentation that will also double as a perfect machining mini-course.  

Running time: Approximately four hours                                          DVD: $44 

Yes!!! You Can Mill on the Drill Press! This was my 1st video and it is on VHS low resolution. It is only to show you what can be done on a cheap drill press! 

This video just had to be to done in order to show most beginning micro machinists (and even some not-so-new), that if you simply cannot yet afford to add a "real" milling machine to your shop, you can still perform just about every type of milling operation in the book by using a small to medium drill press after some of the special modifications you will learn on this tape. That's not to say that you should forego ever obtaining a milling machine. Instead, the goal of this video is to show you that you simply don't have to wait for years until the funds for that 1000-pound monster are raised. There are no special camera effects, cut-aways as work pieces are substituted. You will see the author performing the following: end milling, side milling, cutting shoulders, slots, slitting cuts, spot drilling, drilling tapping basic indexing on 5c spin jigs, and X & Y coordinate locating with wigglers and edge finders and much more!  Shop made tools will be shown as well as construction information. You will also learn the simple but very effective tricks used to transform this 40 pound weakling into a capable milling tool. You will see the author's special micrometer spindle/quill feed, accurate to .001" and locking feature he built into this tool and how it is used.  Don’t avoid those projects requiring milling. Learn right now how it was done and begin milling in less than a few days with the help of this video. 
Running time: Approximately four hours                                          DVD: $44 

The Miniature Table Saw
“The Art of Miniature Cabinet Making”
Featuring the Preac Miniature Precision table saw.
My jump to Micromachining came after almost two decades of designing and building scale reproductions of existing pieces of antique period furniture. Just like in the real world of fine full size cabinet making where accuracy is everything, I will teach you how to scale and produce accurate and realistic cuts, joints and other detail that will make the difference between a “toy” miniature and a Reproduction true to the original. The table saw is the workhorse in any wood working shop and so it is in the miniature shop as well. Accuracy is also proportional to the scale you are reducing the original. It is therefore extremely important that you not only have a tool capable of such accuracy, but know how to properly coax that level of accuracy out of it. 

In this video you will learn all about this saw and how to make every cut required for most work cabinet making situations as well as simply how to do it MINI style.

Running Time: Approximately 1-1/2 hours                                      DVD:  $31   

The Brand New 7x12 High Torque Minilathe
Basic operation demonstration

Over two hours devoted to the Brand New totally improved 7x12 High Torque Minilathe Model 4100 sold by
I will take you through the setting up, required accessories, and a whole set of basic demonstrations where we will build a "Mock" Saw blade arbor. A miriad of detailed demostrations will be shown during the building of this sample project. You will learn all you need to get you started in the world of machine lathe work.

Running Time: Over 2 hours     DVD   $38  

The Brand New 7x12 High Torque Minilathe
Advanced operation operations PART-A

Now that you have seen the basic operations this new lathe can perform, we move to more advanced
jobs in the for of three small projects involving operations we have not yet attempted.

Fabricate a Brass Knurled threaded knob. You will learn how to utilize a Die to thread on the lathe.
Then we Knurl and decorate the edge of the knob to a gorgeous Diamond Knurl.

Turning between centers! The best way to create a super accurately turned to diameter rod or cylindrical
workpiece. From a very low quality piece of aluminum casting waste we show you how to turn a diameter
which will be accurate to within 1 thousands of an inch in a 5" length.

The last project will take you through the process of preparation of a workpiece by Drilling, Boring and Single Point Internal Thread Cutting to match a Master Thread Gauge.

Duration: 2 hours 23 Minutes                                                    DVD    $38 

Basic Indicating Practices using Dial Indicators
on the new Model 4100 minilathe and the Model 3960 Minimill

In this DVD we will explore some practical uses of Dial Indicators to aid us in aligning, setting up and measuring distances with absolute accuracy. 

The Common Dial Indicator, the Test Dial Indicator and the Coaxial Indicator will demonstrated in "Every Day " types situations, along with several types of magnetic mounts.

These are the premiere instruments that you will absolutely need in order to allow you to perform top level work.

Duration: Just over 1 hour                                                        DVD    $28

Intruduction to the Brand New Model 3960 High Torque Minimill

This video will take through a tour of the newest incarnation of the well established  Asian Variable Speed Minimill we are all well aquainted with.

Some of the major changes include a new more powerful 500 watt motor, a much more reliable electronic controller system, direct RPM read out port, solid column for increased rigidity, belt drive which replaces the old gear drive. The old gas cylinder head counter balancer has been uptated to a spring torsion bar, and many other new features.

This DVD will take through a tour of all the aspect of this mill culminating with a few flying chips!

Duration: Just about 1 hour                                                    DVD    $23

Intruduction to the Brand New 7x12 Model 4100 High Torque Minilathe

Finally a version of the famous Minilathe has been produced that I can say " They finally got it right "
If you are in any way wondering if you should finally take the plunge and obtain one of these small machines,
this DVD should help by answers any questions you may have had about todays's Minilathes.
With its new more powerfull 500 watt motor, a much better electronic controler, RPM port, cam lock tailstock, very smooth carriage, cross and compound slide travel are just some of the features and improvents on this new version of the perennial minilathe!
If you are titering whether to take the plung and consider adding one of these versatile little lathes to your existing shop, this DVD should answer any questions you may currectly have.

Duration: Just about 1 hour                                                    DVD     $23                               

Basic Milling Vice work holding techniques

Learn how clamp work to the screwless milling vice the correct way. The use of parallels "V" blocks and other accessories to securely and accurately hold work on the milling vice are disscused and demonstrated in this short DVD.

Duration: 33 minutes   DVD    $20

Locating Edges and Coordinates with the Edge Finder
& the Wiggler.

One of the most important skills the mill operator can learn is Coordinate Location. Simply put, say you need to drill a hole exactly 0.875" inch in from the left edge and 2.375" inch in from the front edge of a piece of a rectangular piece of plate stock. Yes, you could probably use a ruler and a scriber, mark two lines that will intersect at the correct coordinates, but,,,, will it be exact? Likely not.
When the job calls for near perfect location of either one or dozens of holes, slots, key ways, or whatever type of cut you may require, you will need to be able to locate the milling machine's spindle "Smack On" to the edges you will be indexing from. Once you know that your spindle is at a ZERO position, or the edge, you can now use your milling table's X&Y travel to position the work so the spindle axis ends up directly above at the point where the two coordinates intersect. In this case it would be 0.875" from the left and 2.375" from the bottom edge.
Both the Edge Finder and Wiggler will be disscussed and demonstrated.

Duration: 30 minutes          DVD    $20

Basic uses for Dividing Instruments for the Mill

In this DVD I cover several Dividing instruments and how they are used on the minimill.
From a homemade 60 division indexing rotary table,  a 5C collet Spin Jig, a 5C Index Spin Jig, a shop made 60:1 geared dividing head and culminating with a commercial 72:1 Rotary table. 
Plus a few actual cutting demonstrations such as milling a hexagonal end on an arbor using the simple horizontal indexing table as well as the 60"1 geared shop made dividing head. A hole circle with equaliy distributed holes is also demonstrated.

Duration  1 Hour 5 minutes       DVD $25

Building Multiple Copies of Miniature Furniture using the PREAC Saw

In this 37 minute Video I will tell you a bit about my 45 years worth of building Scale Miniature Furniture, show you many examples and then demonstrate how to reproduce indentical copies of a small prototype miniature scale wood bench using the PREAC Precision Miniature Table Saw.

Duration  37 MinutesDVD $20

The LittleMachineShop 3960 High Torque Minimill

The Basic Ops 3960 HT Minimill 

This DVD is meant for those who are beginners and just got their Minimill.
This short 25 minute video will get you immediately started.
If you have viewed the Introduction DVD to the 3960 Minimill then you are ready
for this one and later you can obtain any of the the dedicated, specific subjct releases.

In this one I cover the very minimal and basic tooling you will need to get started,

set up and demonstrations!

How to do:

End milling = Surfacing stock - also to create
Side Milling = Squaring up ends of rough stock - also to create steps
Fly Cutting = to surface and true up rough stock
Drilling + How to drill super accurate holes

Duration     25 Minutes       DVD    $18

 - SAVE OVER $475!!!!!
The complete 22 DVD set - Discounted  Price $300.00 + free shipping to USA


"NOTE" Various videos make reference to "Info" Sheets included with them, That was when I was selling thorough another distributor and simply refers to the list of available videos titles at that time. The only video that includes Data Sheets is the "Making Gears the Easy Way" video. The only "Drawings" available are for the Quick Change Tool post I designed for the 7x10 Minilathe. You can go to that page HERE

Shipping within the continental USA is $5.80 for one though 3 DVDs for Priority Mail!

If you are ordering more than three videos and are NOT paying with PAYPAL you must email me prior to ordering so I can compute your actual shipping costs. These charges must be included with the total when paying with Check or M.O.


Send Check or MO Payments to:

Jose F. Rodriguez 
3715 Nimitz Road 
Kensington, MD 20895-1717 

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Complete 22 DVD set  Discounted  Price $300.00 + $15 S&H & SAVE $475!!!!! 
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Micro Machining Videos by Jose F. Rodriguez

Cutting Balls & Radiuses on the Lathe
In this DVD you will witness three methods, each increasing in level from the simplest to the most refined, to accomplish cutting outside radiuses on the end of a handle or any decorative detail to give your projects that "Extra" little level of detail that will put it above the rest.

Running time aproximately 1:30 hour                      DVD $38
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