My DVDs are produced from digital "Image" ISO Master files and are duplicated on a robotic DVD duplication machine. I stick to strict DVD industry standards during ALL aspects of production. That being said, there will be rare situations where a disk may not properly play on your particular  machine. That may be due to your machine's inability to read  DVD-R disk format which is the most universal format there is for DVD/5 technology. You should also be very aware that most 4 year old or newer desk top DVD players such as those used connected to a television set will be, by virtue of their design, about 99% compatible with these disks. If for whatever the reason, you are not able to play these disks or you experience any problems  during playback, I will replace the disk absolutely free of charge including AirMail shipping to the USA and CANADA.

These disks are intended to be played on a modern commercial DVD player outputting to a TV. They will probably not play 100% on some PC DVD drives and PC based software specifically including MAC and their player software. Too many variables can cause any "Burned"  DVDs to not operate well on computer DVD drives.

Again, I only can guarantee their playability on a proper desktop less than 3 years old DVD player hooked to a TV,

Computer drives will NOT be able to ignore even the most insignificant data error which may exist on a DVD.. They are intended to read data in binary code consisting of ones and zeros, and if the encounter any sort of error they MAY  skip or freeze. Set top machines will more than likely ignore any tiny errors that may exist. That is simply the nature of their design.

I have sold over 10,000 of my titles in the USA and all over the world and have had to replace about 10. These "Bad" examples were almost 100% atributed to very rare isolated media/dye irregularities and nothing that anyone could possibly control.

I use only TOP quality media but even then there is always the possibility of a bad disk.

Thank you for your time and I hope to continue to provide you with best value in instructional machining videos.

Jose F Rodriguez