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Here you will find articles about this lathe; its uses, modifications and accessories

Adapting a Taig four jaw chuck to the 7x10 spindle flange

The variable speed Asian-made Minilathe

Knurling on the 7 x 10 Minilathe

Life with your Minilathe Part 2

Slow down the 7 x 10 Minilathe
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Here you will find specific Taig Microlathe articles and projects

Drilling on Cross Slide Held Work

Drilling with a Flexible Shaft Tool

Drilling with Vertical Slide Unit

Make a Motorized Heavy-Duty Drilling Rig

Build a Die Holder

True Up Your Three-Jaw Chuck

Build a Leadscrew for Your Taig Microlathe

Modify the Lever on Your Drilling Tailstock

Build an Indexing Plate for Your Spindle

Build a 60:1 Dividing Head

Build a Threaded Arbor for Your Taig

Variable Speed for the Taig Microlathe

Life with Your Taig Microlathe

Leadscrew Advance for the Taig #1

I Have my Taig...Now What!
How I Chose My First Lathes and the Thought Process Behind It

Review of the ENCO 5C Collet Indexing Fixture or SPIN JIG

Make an Automatic Center Punch

Cutting Bits and Other Tools

Make a Boring Bar Holder

Boring between Centers

Build a Great Wood Turning Gouge

Build a Set of Hold-Down Clamps for Light Milling Jobs

Uses for "O" Rings in Steam Engine Pistons

New Type of Dual-Action Valve for Steam Engines

Build and Design a Steam Engine

Make a MT Center or Arbor

Make a Miniature X&Y Table for Your Micro Drill Press

Build a Milling Machine

Review of the ENCO Brand X&Y Milling Table

Drill Press Milling Accessories

"So You Just Bought a Miniature Milling Machine"

Centerline Marking Tool

Threading on the Lathe -- Part One

Threading on the Lathe -- Part Two

Make and Use a Test Bar to Check Your Tailstock Alignment

Cutting Tapers on the Lathe

Make a Chuck Held Surfacer

Speed Controllers

Build a Slitting Blade Arbor

Sleeves and Their Use in Steam Cylinders

Setting Up Your New Lathe

Turn Your Dial Indicator Into a Scriber

Get Your Metal Stock for CHEAP!

Make a Metal Spinning Top