A vertical drilling device incorporating the use of a flexible shaft high speed tool is easy to build with a minimal investment of time and materials. To make a vertical drilling attachment truly versatile, it should be able to move along three axis just like a milling machine. Combine that with workpiece indexing and you really have something to talk about. The heart of this idea centers around the use of the vertical milling vice / slide for the Taig. Once this attachment is mounted and squared on the cross slide, you have just added the vertical axis to the basic X and Y. All we need is to build a plate with a tool holder that will hold the handpiece vertically over the workpiece on the lathe.

A 3/8" to 1/2" thick aluminum plate 2" wide and 4" long will make a perfect base to bolt to the milling vice's vertical face. Drill two pair of mounting holes on the plate 1/2" from the bottom edge and 2" above that. The " T " slots on the vertical slide are one inch apart and identical to those on the cross slide. Prepare a 2" length of 1"x 2" bar stock for the handpiece holder by facing the ends clean and drilling a vertical hole for the handpiece directly in the middle and 1/2" from the front edge of the horizontally oriented bar. Two clamping set screw holes are drilled and tapped along the center line of the vertical hole. Hold and clamp the handpiece holder horizontal, with the tool hole oriented vertically and flush with the top edge of the rectangular plate. Lay out two centered mounting holes 3/8" from each edge and drill them through both pieces with a #21 bit. Un-clamp the two pieces and tap the holes on the plate to a 10-32 thread but enlarge the holes of the holder to a #11 clearance size hole. Screw the two pieces together and align the holder so that it is square to the rectangular plate and securely tighten the cap screws. There will be a small amount of play to allow slight adjustment of the tool holder. Mount the plate to the vertical slide, square it and tighten the four cap screws. Insert the hand piece into the vertical hole of the tool holder block and tighten the two set screws. The tool can drill holes vertically on center or either to the left or right of center by moving the cross slide. With the index plate you drill equally spaced radial holes around the periphery of a workpiece. A great way to prepare hubs for spoked fly wheels.

This tool really excels in miniature furniture building of spindles or pedestals for chairs or tables, bed posts and any other cylindrical workpiece that will need to be fluted or slotted. Table pedestals can be dove tailed to accept dovetailed legs. I always used to have a problem with the spacing of the legs around a round pedestal base but not anymore since I built one of these tools and use it with my index plate.