Mini Mill - 7x14 Variable Speed
Lathe - 9x24 Asian Lathe

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This is the a Taiwanese version of a 7x14 variable speed minilathe!
Pics shot on 8mm video and digitized with the SNAPPY!
Two more shots of the base. I will be capturing more shots of the mill off my video and posting them at a later time. I have to say that seeing it in person has sold me completely and I will be buying one direct from Grizzly the next time I go up to Williamsport!
Here is a close up of the headstock and on the right is the crosslide, compound and the tool post! The bed is truly excellent! Seemed extremely well finished.
Here we have the 9 x 24 lathe. The headstock is geared so belt changes are not needed to change spindle speed. On the right is the tailstock area. It has lateral adjustment screws which can be seen on the lower, front area.
Here is the Minimill with DRO installed. It worked flawlessly! The table advanced very smoothly and all of the axes have dual sliding stops as well as positive locks!
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